Creatively Inspired


The deeper you go, the higher you rise.

Hi, I'm Lizzy!

Welcome to my world. I found a whole new life in words. Finally, there was this unconfined space I could occupy completely and freely. My mind could roam wherever and by the magic of a pen and sheer imagination, even the impossible didn’t feel too far out of reach. This is it for me, a creative outlet for inspired storytelling.


I love to look at life in totality. It's not one thing or the other, it's the entirety of it.

Life with Self

The core of our existence is our own selves. For who would we be without our queer perks; our squeaky laughter, our loud nature, our unconventional ways, our crazy beliefs; without being us? It's a blessing and absolute freedom to allow yourself to exist, to understand who you are, what you stand for and how your unique existence brings meaning.

Life with Others

People make our everyday living interesting and surely even enjoyable. While it's true that not everyone is our cup of tea, due to natural differences in values or habits, no man is an island. By understanding human nature, we are able to better co-exist with each other and forge sincere and healthier relationships.

Life with Purpose

Everything around us is not a chance occurrence, it's our beliefs, values and systems that have shaped the world into what it is today. If there is a course of action that you believe can make life easier, happier or less burdensome for someone else, pursue it tirelessly and fearlessly. We can all contribute to what we want the world to be.

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