Someone Great

If you think about it, there’s a million different things we could be and do. And in such a big world, we’re all just trying to find our place. Just trying to find which piece of the puzzle we fill. When especially confronted by uncertainty or even death, you think to yourself, what is it …

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Speak Up

Love, oh, love. I hear it makes the world go round. Round and round. Like a merry-go-round. It’s beautiful, you know? Being that connected to someone. Feeling that presence. Hearing that heartbeat. Seeing that smile. Yes, feeling those feelings. It does make the world go round. Round and round. But for some people and increasingly …

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Stay Free

I can’t possibly think of a thing in the wide world that transcends the feeling of peace. Like just sitting there with yourself feeling all calm and contented. Just being there, doing nothing and feeling okay. Every moment I’ve felt this feeling is every moment I’ve wanted to hold on longer to it. I bet …

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There’s an old tale that’s told about people and circumstances. It goes like this, the people you surround yourself with can shape who you are. And that your circumstances and everyday experiences can define you. There’s nothing much to contest there. There is some truth in those statements depending on which lens you are looking …

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The Gift

If I could, I’d wrap you up Into a merry little package Label your name in glitter And gladly be your Santa Let you know, my dear The whole world over You’re the mellow gift That keeps on giving  


It’s human nature to want to connect with other people. We all want to have a person or two who just get us. We want to be seen, to be heard and to be understood. It must be why with the right crowd, with your crew or family or with your person, it always feels …

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Been away for a while A few rough patches But well, I’m all right See, all my knowing And all my not knowing Got me to my sanctuary Maybe finally a better place A place I could call home While away, I wandered Along deep empty streams Praying for the unknown Perhaps hoping to find …

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I found myself thinking about loss and the profound effect it can have on us mere mortals. Loss of a friend, loss of a lover, loss of a job. Loss of whatever it is you once held dear that no longer is, either in existence or just in the present. We’ve all lost something or …

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Live It Up

Life has a certain depth that we often do not acknowledge. Our very own experiences and our encounters with other people in our everyday living should only bring more clarity. Clarity as to what really matters in life. Ideally, so that as you progress in life, you are more contented and happy. For most people, …

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Who We Are

As inevitable as the rain When it decides to pour And the rays of the sun When it finally rises Time comes that we must be Be who and what we are How about we choose? Choose to happy and free Break the ties that bind us To past woes and future worries How about …

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