For You

Heal totally and beautifully Of past hurts and traumas Of injustices beyond measure Of the fragile hidden wounds Heal for you, do it just for you Wait for no grand apology Wait for no esteemed regard Wait for no glorious adoration Wait not for a bloody sacrifice Heal purely, do it just for you  Believe …

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The Untold Story

There is a story buried That even I can’t find It’s written in your eyes In different shades of dirt It’s a story you want to tell But never know quite how   For the longing deep within  How do mere words express it?  She was a beautiful woman Of the rare kind of souls  She …

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Listen Up

I just called to talk About how we should talk About the things we’ve been talking about As there can be no more talking But this last talk we must have I talked, you seemed to listen I waited, I didn’t feel heard I tried again to be sure, yet  The more I talked, the …

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A New Start

I’m starting over To live again Leaving the old To live anew Leaving the hurt To see again  I’m starting over  To feel again  Forgiving mistakes To be ever free  Forgiving myself  To live in grace  I’m starting over  To smile again As a child does To laugh aloud  As a child lives To calmly …

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The Gift

If I could, I’d wrap you up Into a merry little package Label your name in glitter And gladly be your Santa Let you know, my dear The whole world over You’re the mellow gift That keeps on giving  


Been away for a while A few rough patches But well, I’m all right See, all my knowing And all my not knowing Got me to my sanctuary Maybe finally a better place A place I could call home While away, I wandered Along deep empty streams Praying for the unknown Perhaps hoping to find …

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Who We Are

As inevitable as the rain When it decides to pour And the rays of the sun When it finally rises Time comes that we must be Be who and what we are How about we choose? Choose to happy and free Break the ties that bind us To past woes and future worries How about …

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