For You

Heal totally and beautifully
Of past hurts and traumas
Of injustices beyond measure
Of the fragile hidden wounds
Heal for you, do it just for you

Wait for no grand apology
Wait for no esteemed regard
Wait for no glorious adoration
Wait not for a bloody sacrifice
Heal purely, do it just for you 

Believe in your intrinsic worth
Believe in your titanic strength
Believe in your living purpose
Believe you have solid depth
Heal divinely, do it just for you

Remember the broken promises
Remember the naive mistakes
Remember the uncaring choices
Remember to learn to forgive
Heal gracefully, do it just for you 

Allow the anger to slowly die
Allow the pain to gently leave
Allow the love to genuinely stay
Allow deep joy to live within
Heal timelessly, do it just for you

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