I’ll Be There 

You once asked
What would it take

For me to walk away 
I’d never say never
But come what may
I’m here to stay

I want you to know
That I’ll be there 
For your many triumphs 
I’ll dance the night away
Like the prize is mine
For your win is mine

If the tide ever turns 
And the battle gets hard
Know this in your heart
You can always call on me 
We’ll endure all, together 
Don’t doubt it, I’ll be there 

In your bold confidence
When you have it figured out
I’ll be your great cheerleader 
Urging you on and over 
To new untouched heights 
Where you surely belong 

I’ll hold you down 
In all your wary seasons 
In anxiety and insecurity
And be your safe space
To unpack your fears 
I will be your strength  

Time and time again 
I will glow as you glow
I’ll be your solid rock  
And come what may 
I will stay and fight 
I’ll always be there. 

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