I never pretend to know anyone. I’ve found that people act well. They say the right things. They even do the right things. But their intention? You can never be so sure. Unless you read minds and you’re blessed like that. Oh well, hello and props to you. Even then, our thoughts change by the second. And most often than not, so do people’s intentions.

Knowing this, the paranoia and wariness you are likely to have with people is really quite normal. Even justified. I think it’s in order to assume that for every good person you encounter, there’s one more who doesn’t wish you well. Because there is positivity, and there is also the reality of life. 

There exist people who are outrightly out to cause harm. They either get right to it or they study you, fake interest, buy in and learn your ways just to manipulate you. The later take to a certain way of being and play the role perfectly to lure you into trusting them enough for them to be vile. This is true in business as it is in family, friend and love relationships. 

Sometimes, people don’t even think much about whether their intention for you is good or bad. They just do whatever they need to do for themselves. Their actions change based on what they need. So you can never tell where they stand. Because as much as it’s normal for our needs to change as humans, how these people relate to others is entirely based on what they need at the time.

Do this, just switch on your TV. Any channel. What are the headlines? Log in to your social accounts, what are people posting daily? Go ahead, read the captions and the memes. What is the underlying message? Even listen to your spiritual leaders. Who are these enemies they say you need to conquer? Do you imagine they all appear in spirit form? Also, why do you think we need laws and law enforcement? 

So yeah, I can’t ever pretend to know anyone. Certainly not because we share some good laughs over cocktails. Definitely not because we have common friends. Absolutely not because we work in the same space. I have found that the only way to really know someone is in the test of time. 

After all, no one can keep up wearing a mask forever. We’re humans and at some point, our true nature is always revealed. Maybe in small glimpses, in what people call ‘red flags’, but it’s revealed alright. Maybe in an anger outburst, a drunk rant, just something. You can only hope to catch that intention early. 

Meanwhile, you can’t live in paranoia or fear of people. When you go out, have a good time. When you talk to people, be you. Let life flow. Be cautiously optimistic. Then develop your level of consciousness to always be aware of your truth and trust yourself and your intuition.

You should see me out on these streets, you’d think I have no worries at all about people. Many times though, I actually don’t. I somewhat still prefer to see the best in people. But I am always tuned in to my intuition and if it feels wrong or like something is wrong, I have learned to listen. 

For sure, only time will tell what who’s intention is. It’s the patience we most often don’t have and rush to believe just everyone. At the same time, we need to stop acting like trust is something to be automatically expected and granted. Like it does not need nurturing. You want trust? Earn it and keep earning it. It’s not hard when you are true and your intentions are sincere. 

2 thoughts on “Intentions”

  1. Amazing. The spaces we tread in at times are as dark yet we hope and pray the path is straight. In the end, again, the light shines at the tunnel end. Either way, it doesn’t stop you from carrying a flash light and a stick on the way

    1. Very well said, Vance. We can always hope for the best in all our encounters and still carry our senses with us. So the flashlight and stick it is.

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