Live It Up

Life has a certain depth that we often do not acknowledge. Our very own experiences and our encounters with other people in our everyday living should only bring more clarity. Clarity as to what really matters in life. Ideally, so that as you progress in life, you are more contented and happy.

For most people, perhaps yourself even, life is lived in confusion; Finding your way as you go. And that’s okay, actually super okay because if you are not trying to find your way through life then it’s possible that you are living a life that’s already taken. Living exactly how someone else is living because someone said that’s how to live, like it’s the only way to live.

The depth of life is in finding meaning in everything. Then giving meaning to everything. Ever ignored a not so interesting stranger in the elevator then had to hear about all their greatness later from a mutual friend? Well, it probably wouldn’t have ended up in something juicy like a wild romance, but you would have gotten to know someone great and perhaps made a new friend or learnt something new.

The problem is that for most people, a lot of things and people are useless until you need them for something. We do not appreciate everything enough. Like how much we could learn from a good random conversation, or connections we could make from not judging everyone we came across. You know, actually taking time to hearing what inspires them, what they live for and why they do the things they do.

But we do not find meaning in these things. Like why listen when you probably won’t meet this person ever again? And so goes. But trying to find meaning in something does not always mean that you will find something of meaning in it. There is no guarantee. Sometimes it will be you to give meaning to that thing or that person. So selflessly give. Then when everyone gives, we all will find something.

What we eventually achieve in life will largely depend on what we know and what we experience. And what you don’t get to touch, or see, or hear, or smell, or taste, you haven’t experienced. Perhaps it is a bit scary. Maybe what we see, we cannot unsee. But life is not for the feeble at heart. I mean, the only person who matters thought you were made for it. You could have landed in Mars as some object for us mortals to muse over when NASA finally discovers you, but hey look.

Our motivations in life drive us. So walk down Tom Mboya Street, Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Broadway or anywhere really, and let everything inspire you. Let the misery you see or face motivate you to do more and work harder in life. Perhaps even make life better for someone else. Let the joy and happiness you see in people feel your heart with joy, not envy. Let the magnificence of becoming landscapes and the splendor of versatile creations take your breath away. And in all else, don’t be afraid to look, regardless of what you find.

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