Quiet Heaven

There were days when I was full of noise. Loud, distracting noise that carried me away. Was it anxiety? Maybe. Fear? Probably. But it was definitely something that didn’t feel nice. I have always loved the night. Something about how much smaller the world suddenly feels. How much closer the sky becomes, enough to feel like I could touch the stars. I love the sound of the breeze and how it caresses my skin, and the fresh smell of the night air. Here, I find my heaven. I get to finally breathe.

When do you feel most quiet? Like your mind is not racing and your heart has no uncertain pounding? Just this calm and content. When do you feel like anything and everything is possible? In the night and out in the wild, I have a found a stillness that I live for. A place within me that is unbothered, untriggered and untethered. A quiet heaven. I realize, that’s where I’d rather be. What’s this place for you? Where would you rather be? 

In this place, in this quiet, my mind somehow slows down. I’m not thinking too hard. I feel alive in the moment. Like there is nothing that could go wrong. Like there is no other place I need to be. Somehow, I can see everything clearly. And the universe feels like it’s at my feet. There’s a power, a certain unquestionable power, that fills me up. I don’t doubt it. I can feel it. And I let it reign. 

In this power, in this heaven, I feel no need to be anything. To play any role. I just am. It feels like everything I do or say has purpose. From how I smile to how I walk. Every action feels like a conscious effort to uplift, to understand, to empathize. And it feels enough. Like I have with the power in me and with me, done everything I could for the day. And it’s enough. 

In this quiet, in this peace, I have felt the breeze sweep away the noise. I hear no voices in my head, pulling me in a thousand different directions. Nobody’s worries or opinions seem to consume mine. It’s like I hear them, but from a far distance. Like they somehow matter but not so much, and at the same time, not at all. And I feel more assured and more affirmed in my being. 

Who are you when nobody needs you to be anything? Who are you without the noise? Build a sanctuary for yourself within you, a quiet place. A place you can exist happily by yourself. A place where you are affirmed, assured and whole. A peaceful place that nobody gets access to. And again, nobody. A place that feels like your inner power living through you. 

As for work, as for friendships, as for relationships, as for life, you already have the answers. You just need to be still. With all your dreams and hopes in life, you still have to live as if this moment is it. As if it’s the best moment of your life. So slow your mind, slow your role and slow the noise. Now listen. Hear that sound? Yeah, heaven. Quiet heaven.

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