Someone Great

If you think about it, there’s a million different things we could be and do. And in such a big world, we’re all just trying to find our place. Just trying to find which piece of the puzzle we fill. When especially confronted by uncertainty or even death, you think to yourself, what is it all for? In this quest, I feel sure we’ve heard it all. How meaningful our lives are. How important and special we are. How our gifts are unique to us. Even how we could possibly change the world. 

I mean, such nice things to hear. Indeed, very powerful things to believe. There’s certainly a way that each of us needs to contribute to the world. What that way is for you is an awakening of its own. I’ve always thought you can find your way to contribute in your nature. In your person. But what about greatness? What is greatness? How do we even measure it? More so, when do you know you have achieved it? Is it even achievable or it’s just one of those fantasies we have in life?

What greatness should be is so misconstrued today that there is certainly no measure other than your own. For who said to have a fancy car or a big house is greatness? Or appearing in newspapers or in the television for that matter? I mean, these are definitely signs of success but do they ultimately translate to greatness? What if you knew you’d never lack a penny a day in your life? Would you consider that greatness? What if you had nothing at all, would you still consider yourself great? 

I tend to think there’s nothing beyond you that brings you greatness. Not possessions, fancy clothes, fame, publicity or even money. If you are nothing without these things, you are nothing. Just think about how easily you catch an attitude when you dress up fancy that one day and now only the slay kings and their queens can talk to you. Or how with just a little more money, you think everyone should kiss the ground you walk on. See how easily superficial things can change how we act, how we talk, who we talk to and just really, who we are. 

For all the good things you can build and own, your identity is not in these things. You are not great because you own these things. I find that true greatness is found in our own acceptance of the core of our being. In allowing ourselves to be free. Free to dream and become. It’s in how greatly we can positively influence another person’s life; sometimes through nothing but a kind word, a gentle push and a confident affirmation. It’s in how we use our resources for active transformation. It’s in how we relate with the people around us. Even how we understand and influence the world we live in. 

So yes, we are great beyond measure. We can achieve great things, including wealth. But it’s never in the things we accumulate, the power play and our misplaced self-importance. Day by day, our greatness is revealed through our pure acts as mere mortals. This is by being someone with the capacity to win and lose, and defying the odds to succeed. Being someone who is never too rich to understand a poor man’s problems. Someone who is never too big to be kind and respectful to everyone, equally. Someone who can have it all and not think they are a god for it. Someone great. 


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