There’s an old tale that’s told about people and circumstances. It goes like this, the people you surround yourself with can shape who you are. And that your circumstances and everyday experiences can define you. There’s nothing much to contest there. There is some truth in those statements depending on which lens you are looking at it from.  

What is not told in these tales that needs to be said as much, is that while you may be surrounded by people who do bad things, you don’t have to do bad. And while a single life event can drastically change your perception of life or how you live your life, it doesn’t have to. At the heart of our everyday life, there’s certainly always two things, a will and a way. 

In your own life, there’s always something that pushes you to do things. A sort of internal force. In fact, every meaningful or not so meaningful thing you’ve done or intend to do is motivated by this force. This drive. It can be your true passion, unrelentless faith or deep desire. All in all, the stronger the force that drives you, the stronger your will to do more, to pursue harder, to persevere and to conquer distractive things, destructive people and dire circumstances. With a strong will, you find a way to get what you want or be something more.

There are times though when your will is weak. When people’s evil intentions or your poor circumstances finally seem to have their way. When you don’t feel like you have a faith to cling on to, a passion to live for or a desire strong enough to make the insurmountable mountains worth climbing.  In such times, you may feel uncertain, confused or even lost. Like there is a point that you need to get to but don’t know how. After all, without a will, how do you find your way? How do you even know you’re on the right path?

Then comes choice. And through it, your intentional way of living. Choice is how you paddle through the mud. It’s how you stop being a victim of your circumstances and a puppet for everyone else. Through choice, you are not a bystander watching your life go by. You can certify with just one empowering choice that you’re not hopeless, even in the worst of your situations. You take power in creating a new hope for yourself. A new possibility. In truth? You can be anything and do anything if that’s what you’d rather be or do despite it all. 

While you may not always make the right choice every time, you can make a new choice every day. A new choice about your life, about your perception of life. A new choice about who you want to be and how you want to live. About what you stand for and what is not acceptable to you. About anything. And the stronger the choices you keep making, the stronger your will to live, to love, to succeed and to be. With your will, you’ll always find a way. 

8 thoughts on “Willpower”

    1. Right on point. Every day it’s the only test we have, our willingness to grow, to conquer and thrive. Awesome point.

  1. Timmidandtimness

    Yeah, I like what you did here, brought it out how circumstances don’t define us but they do build us up, for our betterment, as long as we have the truth.

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